straight1 [ streıt ] adjective **
▸ 1 not bending/curving
▸ 2 not leaning
▸ 3 honest and true
▸ 4 information: correct
▸ 5 without interruption
▸ 6 serious
▸ 7 voting for one party
▸ 8 drink: not mixed
▸ 9 about person
▸ 10 clean and neat
▸ 11 with only two choices
1. ) something that is straight does not bend or curve:
Draw a straight line.
a straight road
a perfectly straight path
a ) straight hair has no curls or waves:
straight brown hair
b ) a straight skirt, pair of pants, etc. hangs down close to your body:
Rosie wore a long straight skirt and a long-sleeved sweater.
2. ) in the correct position and not leaning to one side or the other:
The picture on that wall isn't straight.
Make sure you keep your back straight.
3. ) honest and true:
straight answer: He wouldn't give me a straight answer.
a ) be straight with someone to be honest with someone
b ) straight talking talking in an honest and direct way:
Robinson has a reputation for straight talking.
c ) be as straight as a die to be completely honest
4. ) information that is straight is correct:
Be sure you have your facts straight.
a ) get something straight to correctly understand something:
Let me get this straight, you didn't know they had your car.
b ) set/put someone straight or set/put the record straight to tell someone the true facts about a situation after they have been told something that is not true:
Thanks for setting me straight.
5. ) only before noun happening one after the other, without interruption:
Seattle beat Texas for the seventh straight time.
their sixth straight win/loss
four straight games/matches
There were five straight days of rain.
a ) a student who has straight A's has the highest mark in every subject or class:
She got straight A's this term.
a straight-A student
6. ) only before noun a straight actor or entertainer is one who only performs serious parts
a ) straight entertainment is serious and not humorous
b ) straight face if someone has a straight face, they look serious even though they are saying something funny or are in a funny situation:
with a straight face: He could never tell a joke with a straight face.
keep a straight face: She couldn't trust herself to keep a straight face.
7. ) AMERICAN used for saying that someone votes only for the members of one particular political party:
Most of my neighbors vote straight Republican.
a ) straight ticket all the people in a political party who you can vote for in an election:
Dad always voted the straight Democratic ticket.
8. ) a drink that is straight is not mixed with anything else:
The bottled lemon juice can be used straight or mixed with water and sugar to make lemonade.
a straight whiskey
a ) straight up INFORMAL without ice:
Would you like your drink straight up or on the rocks?
9. ) INFORMAL someone who is straight is normal and ordinary but slightly boring
a ) INFORMAL someone who is straight is sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex
b ) VERY INFORMAL someone who is straight does not use illegal drugs
c ) VERY INFORMAL someone who is straight is not a criminal
d ) if two people are straight, neither of them owes the other any money:
If I give you $10, then we're straight.
10. ) clean and neat:
Is your room straight?
11. ) only before noun a straight choice or competition is one in which there are only two choices or only two people who have any chance of winning
straight 2 [ streıt ] adverb ***
▸ 1 without bend or curve
▸ 2 directly and immediately
▸ 3 in upright position
▸ 4 in an honest way
▸ 5 without interruption
1. ) without a bend or curve:
Continue straight about 20 yards then turn left.
Sue always looks you straight in the eye when she's talking to you.
He stared straight ahead.
The car was coming straight at me.
dead straight (=completely straight): It flew dead straight through the air.
2. ) directly and immediately:
We decided to go straight home.
We put the children straight to bed.
I decided I'd leave straight after breakfast.
come/get straight to the point: I'll come straight to the point.
3. ) in an upright position and not leaning to one side or the other:
Sit up straight.
4. ) INFORMAL in an honest way:
tell someone straight (out): I'm going to tell you straight.
a ) straight to someone's face if you say something straight to someone's face, you are completely honest with them even if it seems rude:
I told him straight to his face that I thought he was wrong.
5. ) happening for a particular period of time, without interruption:
We'd been driving for five hours straight and needed a break.
cannot see/think straight
to be unable to see or think clearly:
She was too tired to be able to think straight.
go straight
to stop committing crimes and live an honest life:
At the age of 30, he decided to go straight.
straight from the horse's mouth
directly from someone who knows:
I heard it straight from the horse's mouth.
straight off
done immediately:
We went to meet him straight off.
You should have told him straight off that we can't go.
straight out
said directly and immediately:
She asked straight out if I was interested in the job.
straight out of something
similar in type to something:
The band's sound is straight out of the 60's.
straight up SPOKEN
used for emphasizing that what you are saying is true, or for asking whether something someone else has said is really true
straight 3 [ streıt ] noun count
1. ) INFORMAL someone who is normal and ordinary but slightly boring
2. ) five cards with numbers that come one after the other in order, in the game of POKER
3. ) INFORMAL someone who is attracted to people of the opposite sex
the straight and narrow
the right and moral way to behave or do something:
He's making an effort to get back on the straight and narrow.
stray from the straight and narrow: He has once or twice strayed from the straight and narrow.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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